Seth Braydon Cummins

November, 8, 2008

Our Grandson, Jase (John P., III) and his wife Alyssa are the proud parents of our new Great Grandson, Seth.  We will be putting picture albums on the Cummins Family web site as we get pictures.

Right now we don't have any early pictures of Seth and if anyone has some starting with day 1, please send them to me and I will them to his web album.

John P. Cummins, Sr.  - August, 28, 2009

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Date Event
sm_4.jpg (5339 bytes) August, 2009

9 Months old and walking..!!

sm_7.jpg (3229 bytes) September, 2009

Miscellaneous Shots from Wanda..!

sm_15.jpg (3645 bytes) November, 2009

First Birthday Party

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