Paul's Great, Great Grandfather's

Rocking Chair Rebuild


Betsy got this chair when she bought some Victorian furniture from a cousin (Elison) of her father. Betsy's grandmother used it while she was living with Betsy's mother in Vicksburg. We got the chair when we closed up Betsy's mother's house and moved her here to Atlanta. It was stored in our basement for about 15 years.

When I started the final clearing out of my basement in 2008 this chair was one of the items that I needed to dispose of. At the time the seat was gone. Our son Paul wanted the chair since he remembered being rocked in it as a small child and wanted to put it up at his lake place.

When I checked on getting the seat rewoven and found out how much it cost, I got a book on the subject and put a new seat in the chair myself.

Sometime in the last year the left seat rail split off at the cane holes. This is pretty common for a chair this old.

As the wood dries out the tension of the woven seat exerts a lot of pressure on all four rails and over time one will split off with the grain of the wood right at the holes.

This album shows the steps in repairing the split rail and completely refinishing the entire chair. Using 1/4 inch plywood removes the splitting problem since plywood is made in layers with the grain running at 90 degrees from the layer above and below.

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JPC, Sr.

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