Rebelaires (Plus 55 Years)

February, 2008

Edmund and John Pickett continue to toot their horns while they still have all of their teeth.    Ed plays in a number of musical groups and one of them is the orchestra at his church.   For a Valentine's Day event the orchestra formed a swing band and Ed recruited John Pickett to help out.

Here are a few pictures that Betsy took.  The stands belong to Ed and we estimate that they are 50 to 60 years old.   They were distributed by Conn way back in the olden days.   Ed acquired the stands from a gentleman who once had a dance band.   Ed refinished them, put the decoration on them and built the black risers so us old folks could see the music.

p.s.  Pickett and Betsy continue to play in a very active (15 concerts scheduled for this year) concert band in North Atlanta.

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Thanks to Sherry Rogers from the Chestnut Moutain Presbyterian Church for these 2 pictures.