CCHS '54 - Mini 46 Reunion

The Carr Central High School Class of '54 held a mini 46th year reunion at Roosevelt State Park the weekend of October 21st.  The Vicksburg reunion committee did a wonderful job of making all of the arrangements.

The entire lodge (motel) at the park was reserved for our use and the setting and weather were just great.  For nearly 2 days we talked and ate and ate and talked and I don't think anyone was finished when it was time to leave.

Classmates attending were:

Joan (Barland) and Alan Leese Marilyn (Randall) Geary
John (Sonny) and Patsy Faulk Sonny and Flemie Penley
Nancy (Haney) Carr Joylene (Toler) Carter

These folks above did all the planning and execution...!

A really big thank you from the rest of us..!
Ed and Maxine Cummins Janice (Penley) and David Cooksey
Pickett and Betsy (Rodgers) Cummins Bill and Velma (Dunning) Porter
Sandra (Lominick) and Bob Lackey Martha (Ledbetter) Lever
Dick (Richard) and Judy Holman Jerry Carter
Lou (Mary Lou Fielder) and Bob Cannon Joy (Morgan) and T. Miller Dickson

To the classmates that could not get to this event.. We really missed you... so we worked extra hard to have a good time.  I am learning to use a new camera so bear with the pictures.


Mary Lou and Betsy
testing CCHS skills

Marilyn, Joan and
some of their friends.!

Flemie and Sonny
feeding Marilyn
and Joan's friends.

Dick (Richard)
getting his BP up
first thing
in the morning.

Joylene and Jerry.

Early morning
on the lake.

Back of the

Front of

Late Afternoon
on the lake.

Ed and Nancy

Martha (Ledbetter)

Dick and Judy

Ed taking a picture
of  Pickett taking
a picture of  Ed..
etc., etc., etc...
to be continued..!

Nancy, Bill and
Marilyn (who is off
somewhere thinking
about the good old
days at CCHS).

Alan on the lake.


Martha, Joylene,
Jerry, Flemie,
Maxine (Mrs. Ed)
and Joan

Sonny, Nancy, Bill,
Marilyn, Velma,
Betsy and Ed.

Mary Lou, Joy (Morgan)
and Martha

Dick, Ed and Bill

Dick, Ed and
John (Sonny) discussing
salmonella while
cooking the chickens.

Mary Lou, Betsy, Joan,
Velma, Joy looking at
some 8th grade
pictures that Joy
brought.  No one
could remember
being so skinny..! 
We will publish
these pix on
another page..!

David Cooksey and
Janice (Penley)

Afternoon Sun
forced us into
the parking lot.

More parking lot
activity.  The talking and
eating never stopped.

And so it went..
all day long..!

Can you believe
that folks our
age are still eating
this kind of stuff..?
Someone finally brought
out a veggie tray
to try and neutralize
the damage..!

Maxine and Ed..
they were kind enough
to entertain us
each evening..!

Saturday lunch..!
Dagwood sandwiches.
You would not believe
some of these creations..!

Moved the cars
so no one would
miss anything.
Was that jalapena
pepper too hot

Janice, Joy and T. Miller

Betsy, Joan, Patsy (Faulk),
Sandra (Lominick) and Nancy.

We understand that
the carton of "MUG"
was caffeine free..!

Chef  Sonny watching
his chickens..!

Joan, Maxine, Betsy,
and Joylene