Thanksgiving and Christmas 2004

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.  Charlotte, Chip and Bill came up from Statesboro so we had all of our children and grandchildren together at the same time.  Unfortunately Paul's wife, Amy, got sick and could not attend all the doings.  We had Christmas eve at our house and then everyone went over to our Granddaughter, Heather's new house for Christmas day.  Several people took pictures at both occasions that I hope to add to this page when I can get them.

Thanksgiving was also a fun time and everyone was here with the exception of Charlotte and her crew.

Our 3 granddaughters, Heather, Jennifer and Caroline.

These 3 pictures were just after Thanksgiving.

Caroline is now 1 year and 1 month old.


Wanda and her son (our grandson) Jase on Christmas Eve.

Heather and her fiancée', Adam Bonner.

Cheryl and her son, David.  Note that he is now taller than his Mom.

L/R, Wanda and John, Paul and Cheryl's husband, Dan Dorfeld.

Adam, Heather and Dan's cousin, Pat who is in Grad. School at Ga. Tech.  That is Brian's wife, Tammy, in the back with Caroline.

Betsy and her grandson, Jase.

Tammy and Caroline


Paul's wife, Amy, Jennifer and Cheryl.

Jennifer is becoming quite the accomplished pianist.


Our 3 granddaughters once again.

Heather and a Harry Potter toy.

Some friends of ours gave Betsy and really nice gift and wanted to see her face when she found it..  so here she is.

With the gift.  Betsy is a Santa collector.

This one has a "Ray Charles" move and actually plays.  J.P., Sr.'s recent return to playing a sax spurred this acquisition.


L/R Charlotte and her husband, Chip, Dan and son Brian.

Jase, Heather, Wanda and John.  That's Paul in the back.  This was on Christmas eve.

All 6 of our grandchildren.  Heather, Jase, David, Bill, Jennifer and Caroline.

This picture is out of place but I just left it here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

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