Christmas - 2003

We are very fortunate to have so many of our family in the Atlanta area.  We miss having our daughter, Charlotte at Christmas time but she lives down near Savannah and that's a pretty good trip for her.  Once they get married and have 2 families to please, we don't get all of them every year either but enjoy the ones who come to dinner here.

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Betsy and her oldest grandchildren, Jase, 21 and Heather, 23

The Oldest holding the youngest, Heather and Caroline, 2.5 months.

All 3 granddaughters, Jennifer, 9, Heather and Caroline.

Daughter, Cheryl Dorfeld and her daughter, Jennifer.

Son, Brian with a talking cookie jar he received from his niece, Heather.   Brian is a well known "trencherman"

Son John's side of the table.  Jase, Heather, her fiancée, Adam and John, Jr.

Grandson David Dorfeld, 11, Heather and her dad John, Jr.

Future brother's in Law.  Adam and Jase.  Looks like trouble to me.

Betsy, Cheryl, David.

Same people from the other direction with son Brian at the end.

The presents are beginning to look like they did when we had 5 small ones.

David and Jennifer.  Is he acting his age..??

This was the shot I was trying to get.

Betsy's lake house theme is fish so son John presented her with a BIG one.

David is into the war games figures.  He has become pretty good at the painting part.

The new parents.  Son, Paul and his wife Amy.  They got lots of toys for Christmas.

Grandson Jase trying to overcome Christmas dinner.

This was a huge chocolate cake at the beginning of dinner.

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