Betsy' Private Air Conditioner

Summer, 2007

We have a really nice sun room on the back of our house but the folks who installed the HVAC did a terrible job on the ducts and very little air gets to the sun room.

Betsy spends a lot of time here (it's all blue) reading, sewing, quilting and practicing her clarinet.  It gets really hot in the summer so this year we installed a stand alone air conditioner (10,000 BTU) for about 300 sq. ft.

As you can see, we put a hole right through the side of the room in one corner.  We installed a covered vent on the outside and the installation kit had a cover for the exhaust in the winter time.  I had to fashion a wire cover over the vent to keep unwanted "critters" out of the exhaust hose.

Betsy has really enjoyed her room all summer long although this was one of the hottest on record.

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