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Quilters Retreat - November 2002

A group of avid quilters has a retreat in North Georgia every fall.  Our daughter, Charlotte, who lives down in Statesboro near Savannah, saw a brochure while she was visiting earlier in the year and signed her mother and herself up for the retreat.  The retreat is a 3 day event held at the Georgia Baptist Retreat near Toccoa, Georgia.

Earlier in the year, Betsy and Charlotte had decided to each do a "Mother/Daughter" quilt while Charlotte and Bill were visiting for the 4th of July. The protocol of the "Mother/Daughter" quilt was:

1.   They picked out 6 pieces of material and while they could add other material, the first 6 pieces had to be used in both quilts.

2.    Each quilter made 2 sets of 6 squares but neither quilter was aware of what the other's squares looked like.  Each quilter exchanged 6 squares with the other so that each had 12 squares that were exactly the same (6 made by each quilter).

3.    The quilts could be assembled anyway the individual quilter desired.  This included the size of the quilt, the binding, additional material and the quilting itself.

So this was the project that Betsy and Charlotte took to the retreat.   Four picture albums show the activities before, during and after the retreat.   Click on each box to view that album.


Conference Center

During the Retreat


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