Lake Jocassee, SC

at Devil's Fork State Park

Labor Day Weekend - 2007


A number of our family members have been going up to Devil's Fork State Park in South Carolina during the Labor Day Weekend for the last 5 years.  This is in a fairly remote part of Northern SC but only 35 miles from Greenville and only 15 miles from Pickens.  It is just off of the Appalachian Foothills Parkway (Hwy 11) about 18 miles from Walhalla.

Our son-in-law, Dan Dorfeld got this going originally and over time had included friends so that this year there were 9 camp sites all together on a loop right next to the lake.  One of the campers couldn't make it so Betsy and I went up and tented for a couple of nights.  This was her first camping trip since 1977 when we took a group of teenagers from the church up on the Appalachian Trail.  I have been camping on motorcycle trips with John and others off and on over the years.

We used a nice, big (stand up) tent that I had been using for trips to the bike races over at Barber Motorsports near Birmingham.  One of our air mattresses had a leak in it so we borrowed an "Airebed" from John and Betsy used that and was quite comfortable.  We had a really bad wind most of the first day so we knew something was blowing in and sure enough, a huge rain storm hit us during the night.   Our tent staid absolutely dry.

Dan had his opulent travel trailer set up and David and one of his buds staid there.  Cheryl came up for a day and night but Jennifer didn't make it at all due to soccer commitments.

Heather came up for a night and a couple of days and brought our great grand sons, Landon and Cole.  They really like the outdoors.

John's friend, Robert Sedaka, brought 2 of his boys (Tyler and Jacob) and we enjoyed seeing them have a grand time also.  The picture of the cards houses shows Jacob's 52 card house.  As you can see in one of the pictures, brother Tyler may be about to "accidently" bump the table. 

John took us out to "the Cliffs" which is a favorite spot for scuba divers.  This is a Duke Power lake and this is the area where they quarried the rock that lines the banks of the lake.  Several items have been sunk in this area (including an old Chinese junk) to give the scuba divers something to look at.

The pictures are not presented in any particular order and there are no captions.

If anyone else has pictures from this trip, get them to me and I will include them in this album. I have 2.5 gb of storage at:

John P. Cummins, Sr.

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