Greenville Cemetery

Greenville, Mississippi

Claude M. Johnson Family Plot

October, 2008

My maternal grandmother, Katie Magruder, was a Johnson from Greenville, Mississippi.  The Johnson's (including my grandmother) were originally from the Frankfort, Kentucky area.  The Kentucky State Capital is built on Johnson property.  We have also found that my grandmother's greatgrand Uncle was Richard Mentor Johnson, 9th Vice President of the United States in the Martin Van Buren administration.

My grandfather Magruder died in 1917 in Vicksburg and was buried in the Johnson plot in Greenville even though his father, Lawson Magruder, had a 21 plot location in the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg.

My grandmother was interred in 1963 and my mother, Alice Hunt Magruder Cummins, was placed there in 1991.  We had not been back since the funeral to see the head stone which was placed some time in 1992 so I decided to make a stop there while on the way to an all class high school reunion in Vicksburg.

The maintenance of this cemetery seemed to be quite good even thought the taller monuments on the Johnson plot appeared to have been overgrown with some type of vegetation in the past.  It even looked as if some type of defoliant had been sprayed around the monuments.  We had paid to have the 2 monuments for my grandmother and grandfather cleaned in 1992 but my grandmother's still looked quite stained on the top.  The monument company that did this work is no longer in business.

In any event it was an interesting visit.  I was not able to get a good picture of the front of the patriarch's headstone because of the faint images and the sunlight from the backside.  I hope to get back in the afternoon some time and get pictures with the sun more on the front of the monuments.


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