Orlando Trip - 2007

Paul and Amy (and Caroline) planned a trip to Disney World the 2nd week of September.  They rented a 5 bedroom/5 bath house and we just couldn't resist the chance to spend some time with them and visit some of our favorite places.  We had never been to see Disney's Animal Kingdom or Sea World and these were on the intinerary.

Paul, Amy and Caroline went down on Saturday and Betsy and I went down on Monday.

J. P., Sr.

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sm_15.jpg (3708 bytes) 2917 Pawnall St., Windsor Heights, Kissimmee, Florida.  Home for a week.  (Note the street name).
sm_49.jpg (5349 bytes) Tuesday - Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.
sm_17.jpg (2900 bytes) Wednesday - Disney's Epcot Theme Park.
sm_30.jpg (2689 bytes) Thursday - Anheuser Bush Sea World Theme Park.