Charlotte's 50th Birthday Party

Statesboro, Georgia

January 19, 2008

Our daughter Charlotte's birthday is actually on the 21st.. one day after her Dad's birthday.  Chip and Charlotte are famous for their great backyard barbecue, low country boil and oyster roast parties.  They have lots of good friends that jump in and help put these feasts together and this occasion was no different.

Chip has been planning for this event for some time and decided to have all three of the big feasts all rolled into one.  Some of us went down on Friday to help set up and others came down on Saturday morning.  From Charlotte's immediate family were her mother and father, Betsy and John Pickett, Sr., her sister Cheryl Dorfeld and her husband Dan and their children, David and Jennifer.  Charlotte's brother John, Jr. and his wife, Wanda were their with their daughter, Heather Bonner and her husband, Adam and their almost 1 year old twins, Landon and Cole.  We were also fortunate to have Adam's parent, Pat and Dan Bonner come up from Brooklet for the occasion.

Charlotte is currently the Director and an Instructor of Medical Laboratory Technology at Southeaster Technical College in Vidalia and one small set of pictures were taken there. 

Many of their friends from the neighborhood and the church were there and from both of their workplaces.  While there were way too many to try to name them all here there were some good friends who really helped put this event together and I would like to recognize them here.  If I left out anyone.. holler and I will add you to the list.

Debbie and Chuck Sullinger (and Thomas)

Bryce and Josh Bunting

Betsy and John Cummins, Sr.

Franklin and Beth Lamb

Don Poe for the fire pit

Donna Purvis for the signs

You will see pictures of lots of people playing with the new Nentindo Wii that Bill got for Christmas.  Fortunately he had friends who also have Wii's so they were able to have multiple controllers as well as the dance mat to play with.  Many of the adults had as much fun as anyone with the video game.

If you have pictures from this event please email them to my gmail account at:  .   You can send up to 10 files of 20 mb each.  You can also use Picasa and also Walmart now allows free downloads of albums.

JPC, Sr.

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John Pickett Sr.s Pictures
Dan Dorfeld's Pictures
Southeastern Technical College Pictures

I am working on a couple of video clips of folks playing the Wii Video game and will post them when they are finished.

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