Virginia Trip - June 2002

Visit with Caroline and Harold Baldwin (from Vicksburg)

Betsy and I went up to Virginia to retreive a pop up camper that our son-in-law, Dan Dorfeld, had bought from his sister who lives in York, PA.  Debbie brought the camper down to Stuart's Draft, VA (near Waynesboro) where our friends, the Baldwins, live.  We went up to pick up the camper and bring it back to Atlanta.

Caroline (Wigle) lived at the dead end of Drummond Street (when there was one) and Betsy lived about 3 houses back toward Short Cherry St.  They grew up together and Mrs. Wigle was sort of 2nd mother to Betsy.  They used to play cowboys and Indians a lot and later on decided that each of them would have a "bad boy" of their own when they grew up.  Caroline was going to name her boy Jimmy and Betsy was going to name her boy Johnny.  Well....   what do you know, Caroline and Harold have a son named Jimmy and Betsy and I have a son named John.

Caroline also wanted to own a horse (or 2 or 3 or so).  For her 40th birthday, Harold gave her a horse.  They were living in Waynesboro at the time and when the number of horses began to increase the Baldwins decided to move to the country.  So in 1985 they moved to a new house built on 35 acres.  The house faces south so that you can always see the Appalachian Mountain chain as it passes through this part of Virginia.  The Baldwins are now beginning to reduce their livestock collection but they still have some goats and some rabbits.  They have had sheep and lots more horses.  There are several barns and fenced fields and plenty of hay.

After 2 very delightful days with the Baldwins, Betsy and I went down to Williamsburg where we used the camper for 4 nights.  We saw all of Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown and then had an uneventful trip back to Atlanta pulling the camper.

John Pickett, Sr.

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Marshall and Susan Neal.  Marshall is the son of my mother, Alice Hunt Cummins, 1st cousin, Marshall, Sr.

Marshall Neal, Sr. and his sister, Katherine Neal.  Both 1st cousins of Alice Hunt Cummins.  They lived in Jackson.  Their mother was Katie Magruder's sister, Julia.

in downtown Greenville, SC.  Marshall, Sr. is a retired professor from Bob Jones University.

Looking back toward the road from the Baldwin house.  You can see the pop-up camper and one of the barns.

The Baldwin house.

Looking down the driveway from the road.  Harold has to drive his car to get the mail.

You can see the Appalachian mountains toward the South.

Another shot from the road.

Another shot of one of the barns.

Just 2 old nags.  Caroline says that when they are gone, she and Harold are moving to town.

The Baldwins have the biggest screen porch we had ever seen.

Harold in his office.

Hooking up to go.

Down the drive.

Back of the house.  You can really see how big the screen porch is.

one last shot of the horses before we go.

Betsy, Caroline and Harold

Plus John Pickett, Sr.

Some shots from the campground in Williamsburg.

A shot of the Ham Radio antenna coming out the side of the camper.

J.P., Sr. at the Ham Radio Operating position.  HTMF "Having Too Much Fun".

This is a small, portable radio that only operates Morse Code.  Built from a kit, it has one of the best receivers on the market.

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