Crazy Quilt Camp

October 4-7, 2013

Another great "Crazy Quilters" event. The first week of October turned out to be great weather and insect wise. Quilter, Charlotte, couldn't make it this year and was sorely missed.

As you can see from the pictures it was "All Work and No Play?". We were able to get a lot done and have a heck of a good time. Looking forward to the next event..!

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img_3774_small.jpg img_3776_small.jpg img_3777_small.jpg img_3779_small.jpg img_3780_small.jpg img_3781_small.jpg img_3782_small.jpg
img_3783_small.jpg img_3784_small.jpg img_3785_small.jpg img_3786_small.jpg img_3787_small.jpg img_3788_small.jpg img_3790_small.jpg
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