Our Daughter, Cheryl Dorfeld and her husband, Dan, of Oxford Mill hosted a "Downton Abbey" dinner party for Cheryl's family. Their good friends, Glenn and Jean Railey came and helped with the arrangements. Glenn acted as "Carson The Butler". Assisting during the evening were our grandson and granddaughter, David and Jennifer Dorfeld, and David's friend, Chelsea Dorenberg. Our granddaughter, Heather Bonner, arranged to arrive with her husband, Adam, in a 1930 Ford Model A touring car (the one with the "boot" on the back).

In attendance also were Paul and Amy Cummins, John and Wanda Cummins and our daughter, Charlotte Bates (not that one) from Statesboro. Check out the menu. Dinner was really something as well as all the decorating touches.

Many thanks to Wanda for these pictures. I have additional pictures to add and would ask everyone with pictures to get them to me and I will add them to this album also.


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