Chip's 50th Birthday Party..! - September 15, 2012

A grand time was had by all at Chip's birthday party. Friends, neighbors and relatives were all treated to a fun time and sumptious food all arranged by Chip's wife, Charlotte. Charlotte is a good deligator and had everything planned and executed to perfection.

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dsc_0457_small.jpg dsc_0459_small.jpg dsc_0460_small.jpg dsc_0462_small.jpg dsc_0463_small.jpg dsc_0465_small.jpg dsc_0466_small.jpg dsc_0467_small.jpg dsc_0468_small.jpg dsc_0469_small.jpg
dsc_0470_small.jpg img_3127_small.jpg img_3131_small.jpg img_3134_small.jpg img_3135_small.jpg img_3136_small.jpg img_3137_small.jpg img_3138_small.jpg img_3139_small.jpg img_3140_small.jpg
img_3141_small.jpg img_3142_small.jpg img_3143_small.jpg img_3147_small.jpg img_3148_small.jpg img_3149_small.jpg img_3154_small.jpg j1_small.jpg j2_small.jpg j3_small.jpg

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