October 24-26, 2011

Betsy meets each week with 3 friends from her Church Circle to persue quilting and needle arts projects, laugh and get something to eat. They have been having such a good time that Betsy proposed that they hold a three day "quilt camp" at our weekend place at Lake Lanier north of Atlanta.

Betsy's friends,Marie, Ellen and Margaret thought this was a fine idea.

Several of our children have places in the same complex so the plan was to use one of the other cottages for the craft work since there was more room there and there were several large tables (like a ping pong table) that large projects could be laid out flat on rather than having to stoop down and work on the floor.

In addition to quilting and sewing, Betsy arranged to introduce "beading" to the group with the help of our two daughters, Charlotte and Cheryl, who had done some beading work before. Both of the daughters are also into sewing and quilting skills and they were there for the first two days.

Things could not have turned out better. The weather was remarkabley warm and clear the entire time and a field trip to Dahlonega the last day capped off a great three day camp.

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