Snow 2002

This is a good illustration that digital photography (at reasonable prices) can't replace film images.  I worked and worked with different resolutions and virtual film speeds and still got these low resolution pictures.  I also took some 35mm pictures and will replace these when I get them developed.

JPC, Sr.

Off our deck.

I did have this pictures with no ruts but really low light early in the morning.

Our deck.  About 4 inches here but still snowing.  looks like we will get about 6 inches.

Grills and wood stack.

Table with snow up to umbrella.

Betsy's hanging bird house.

This bird house almost disappeared.  (our granddaughter, Jennifer, would say that it "mystapeared"..!

Squirrel proof bird feeder.  The squirrels are chewing the wooden post in half.

Got 2 of the cars in the garage but the old "boat" had to tough it out.

Another shot of the "boat".

This is a little concrete statue of a boy.

I would have thought the birds would be out here making snow angles..!!