Paul and Amy's New House

December, 2004

Paul, Amy and Caroline moved into a new house in Alpharetta, Georgia just before Christmas.  They wanted to be closer to work, a little more room and Paul wanted a basement.  They got a really nice place.  I took these pictures before they moved in.  I will go back when they get all settled in and get some pictures with all the furniture in place.   This is a really nice, livable house with an open kitchen, dinette, den area.  It has both front and back stairs, a huge master bedroom and a bonus room that will be used as an office.

I didn't get a picture of Caroline's room but will add that later.


A corner lot with a low maintenance yard.  Lots of plants and shrubs.


A nice big and private deck.


Coming in the front door.

To the left is the living room.  The dining room is in the raised opening.

From the dining room looking at the front door.

Further back in the dining room.  Don't know why I didn't get a picture of the dining room.  It is nice with a big window.

From the garage door looking into the kitchen.  There is a custom made octagon table with matching chairs in the dinette area.

Looking into the den area from the garage door.

In the kitchen looking toward the utility room from the sink area.

Looking at the den from the dinette area.

Down the back stairs into the den.

Double doors lead into the master bedroom.

Apparently an artists (?) lived here.  Note the clouds in the tray ceiling.


Looking toward the master bath.  Note the elevated fireplace in the wall.

Full shower.

And Jacuzzi tub.  Note the see through fireplace above the tub.

A really big closet in the bath area.

One of the bedrooms with more art work.

The bonus room.  The bookshelf is actually wallpaper.


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