Caroline Morgan Cummins

Day 1, October 11, 2003

7:05 pm

7 lbs. 12 oz.

These pictures were taken by father, Paul, and include Amy just before the big event and Caroline moments after she was born along with several visitors that day and the next.

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Amy waiting for the big day.

I can't get comfortable.

The cat, PC, trying to figure out what has changed.

For the record.. side view.

"I think I will stay up here for a while.!!"

Paul took this picture within moments of Caroline's arrival.

"It's cold out here..!"

"Give me my blanky back"

This may be the very first picture.

"That's better.. nice and warm"

About 15 minutes old and time to weigh and get the statistics.  We also got to see the first bath and hair do.

Grandmama, Betsy, doing her favorite thing.


Aunt, Cheryl Dorfeld.  Caroline was about an hour old here.  Is that Paul's big toe or what..?

Amy's grandmother, "Gangi" Morgan from Hattiesburg.

Amy's dad, Ed, from Hattiesburg.

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