Caroline Morgan Cummins


5 Weeks

Charlotte, Chip and Bill came up from Statesboro on 11/15 to see their new niece/cousin.  We all gathered over at Cheryl and Dan's on Saturday afternoon and Paul and Amy were good enough to bring Caroline for everyone to ooh and ahh over.  There were a lot of pictures taken (both film and digital) and here is the first set taken by proud grandfather, John Pickett, Sr.

I will put the other pictures up as soon as I get them.

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Charlotte, Paul and Caroline

Aunt Charlotte and her new niece.

Caroline counting sheep

Grandmamma in her favorite pose.

What me worry?

Aunt Cheryl and Caroline

Here we added new first cousin, Jennifer.

All the girls.  Charlotte, Amy, Betsy, Cheryl, Jennifer and Caroline.

Uncle Chip Bates from Statesboro takes his turn.

Chip finally woke her up.

And the flash cameras went into action.

Come on Dad..!  I just got started.

She really knows who Mamma is.

And she knows who her Dad is also.

Packed in and ready to hit the road.

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