The Wedding


Amy and Paul

Who Decided that
the Groom's Cake
should be Devil's Food..??

Dan and Cheryl at the
Rehearsal Dinner

Betsy and Cheryl at
the Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Day
Mood Music

Preacher Jim, Paul and
his Dad wait for the Bride

Best Man, John Pickett, Sr.,
Ring Bearer, David Dorfeld,
Groomsmen, Jase Cummins
and Mike Morgan

Paul gets his Ring.

Mr. and Mrs. Cummins
head for the exit.

Here Comes the Bride,
Amy Morgan

Flower Girl,
Jennifer Dorfeld

Jase Cummins

Bride's Family
Aunt Diane, Mrs. Jim Morgan,
Dad Ed Morgan
Mary "Gangi" Morgan
Uncle, Jim Morgan

Jase, Heather, Wanda
and John Cummins, Jr.

Jase and Heather

Chip, Charlotte
and Bill Bates

Chip Bates, Jase, John
and Brian Cummins

Jennifer and David Dorfeld
with Bill Bates

John and Wanda Cummins

Sisters, Cheryl Dorfeld
and Charlotte Bates
with Heather Cummins
and Elise Price,
Ed and Maxine Cummins'

Charlotte Bates with
all three of her brothers,
Paul, Brian and John

Brian Cummins
and Sister in Law,
Wanda Cummins

Parents of the Groom,
John and Betsy Cummins

Bride, Amy with
Jase and Brian Cummins

Jase Cummins with
his Grandmother,
Betsy Cummins

Heather Cummins with
Bride, Amy

Best Man, John Pickett,
with Brother,
Ed Cummins

Groom, Paul, giving
Heather's friend, Jeff Enter,
sage Mixology advice.

Bride, Amy, being
nice to new Father in Law,
John Pickett Cummins, Sr.

Bride, Amy, with
new Nephew,
Bill Bates

Heather Cummins
catches the boquet..!

Amy will never tell
how Jase wound up
with the garter on his head.