A Gathering of the Cummins Clan

A number of the Ed and John Pickett, Sr., family members were priveleged to get together with Glorida Dale Cummins.  Glorida is the daughter of the Cummins brothers father, William F. Cummins, Jr., and his second wife, Gloria Barr.  This is the first time that Ed and John P., Sr. had met Gloria.

Unfortunately, 10 members of John P., Sr.'s family were not able to get to the gathering. 

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Gloria Dale Cummins

smiled the entire time

John Pickett, Sr., Gloria and Ed

John Pickett, Sr.

Charlotte Bates came up from Statesboro with her son Bill.

She smiles a lot also.

John P., Jr.

Maxine Cummins

Rick and Elise Price

Betsy Cummins and daughter, Cheryl Dorfeld

Bill Bates, Sara Price, Jennifer Dorfeld and in back is Laura Price

Sarah Price

Bill Bates

Jennifer Dorfeld

Laura Price