Athens Boat Club July 4th, 2000

The Cummins family have been members of the Athens Boat Club at Lake Lanier since 1970.   Their daughter, Cheryl, and her family and son, Paul, are also members.  Their niece, Elise (Ed's daughter), and her family have been members now since early 1996 and just this January, brother Ed and his wife, Maxine have become members.

The club celebrates 3 major holidays with planned events.  These are Memorial Day (opening day), July 4th, and Labor Day (closing day). 

Many members have golf carts since there are over 7 miles of roadways on the club's property and many of the members have either permanent or weekend residences.  A number of years ago Betsy suggested that the club should have a golf cart parade to add some more partriotic activity to the formal club activities and this event has been a roaring success ever since.  The pictures below are mostly from this year's parade.

This was not part of the parade. It is a statue of a pig at Elise Price's cottage.  Her favorite animal is the pig and she has many of them.  Her lake cottage is called "Pigmalia".  The mascot, Tenella, from Tenile, Georgia is being patriotic.

First Place in the Patriot's (Children's) Division

Second Place in the Patriot's Division

Third Place in the Patriot's Division.  Laura and Sarah Price are Ed and Maxine Cummins' Granddaughters.  They are dressed as the Beanie Babys that they are holding.

Sarah Price

Check out the "TY" tag that Ed made.

Laura Price

and tag..!

Club member, Travis Smith, who loves the serve as the master of cerimonies for anything.

Travis actually looks pretty good when he is cleaned up.

Club member, Charlie Auverman, as an original American

Back of the J.P. Cummins entry.  Seated are son Paul and his wife Amy.

A golf cart full of kids having a grand time.

Just had to get in a picture of Karen Pugh's hat.   The entire family was wearing them.

Club member, Bob Phillips, wearing his original U.S. Navy jumper. Bob finished high school in 1953.

Paul Cummins "up close and personal".   That is J.P. in the background.

John Pickett holding his first place certificate.

The Cummins' golf cart full of grandchildren.  In the front are David Dorfeld and Laura Price.  On the back are Sarah Price and Jennifer Dorfeld.

The Cummins' family's have a lot of cousin activity.

Another shot of the "cousin" cart.

Telephoto Shot of the 2000 Winner

John Pickett and the first place entry in the parade, "The King of Independence".

The turbine ventilator was Betsy's idea.  Painting was by John P., Sr.  Of course the turbine turned around as the golf cart went along.

The J.P. Cummins first place entry from 1998.

The mannequin on the roof is "Bud".  He usually sits on the twig furniture in the front yard of the Cummins cottage dressed appropriately for whatever the occasion is.

sm_abc070401.jpg (2721 bytes)
Betsy Cummins second place entry from 1999.

The hat was made from a foam mattress pad.

John Pickett was on his motorcycle trip to Yellowstone.

Saw this from the very first
parade in 1994. Heather and Jase
were marchers that year.