Merle Rodgers 95th Birthday

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Merle's Cake

Birthday Table at Betsy's house

Birthday Table

Great Grandson, David Dorfeld

Granddaughter, Cheryl Dorfeld

Great Granddaughter, Jennifer Dorfeld

Great Grandson, Jase Cummins

Grandson, Brian Cummins

Grandson, John Cummins

Great Granddaughter, Jennifer Dorfeld

Grand and Greats David, Cheryl and Jennifer Dorfeld

Merle's Daughter Betsy Cummins  and Jennifer Dorfeld

Grandson Brian Cummins and wife, Tammy

Grandson, John Cummins and Grand Son-in-Law, Dan Dorfeld

Merle's room at Atria Assisted Living


Merle at Atria birthday party.

Atria Party

Atria Party

Atria Party

Merle in her Atria room.  That is her couch from Drummond St.

Merle at another Atria party.

Merle and Great Granddaughter, Heather and Great Grandson, Jase about 1990.

Betsy, David and Jennifer playing cards.



Merle with Grandson, Paul and his fiance, Amy.

Merle and Grandson, Paul

Merle blowing out her candles.

Did I do that?

This is all of the pictures that I know of that were taken at Merle's 9th birthday.