Cummins Family 4th of July, 2004

Most of these pictures were taken over the 4th of July weekend at our lake place at the Athens Boat Club in Dawson County north of Atlanta on Lake Lanier.  A few were taken at our lake place  the week before. 

We all had a great time.  Amy, Paul and Caroline (9 months old now) were with us almost the entire weekend.  Amy's cousin, Bob Vance and his wife, Angela and their boys, Gavin and Parker spent most of the weekend with us Also.  Amy's Grandmother, Margaret and cousin, Christian, from Sevierville were with us most of the weekend also. 

Our son, John, was there all weekend.  His children (our Grandchildren), Heather and Jase were there part of the time.  Heather brought her fianc, Adam, along for the ride.  Jase brought his really good friend, Jamie, for a day.  Of course, our daughter, Cheryl Dorfeld and her husband, Dan, and their children, David and Jennifer were there the entire time since they are members of the club and have their own cottage there.

My brother, Ed, and his wife Maxine, and their daughter, Elise Price, and her husband Rick, and their daughters, Laura and Sarah have their own places at the club and were their all weekend to round out a really big family gathering.

In addition to all of the Independence Day doings, the 4th is Betsy's birthday so we had a big birthday party on Sunday.  Only our daughter, Charlotte, and grandson, Bill, and our son-in-law, Chip, from Statesboro were missing.

Thanks to Paul for most of these pictures.  They are not presented in any particular order.  Some have captions and some not.

We have some more pictures on film that we will add when we get them developed. Also.. if anyone else has some pictures that they would like to include on this page, send them to me.  I can also scan photos and will return them undamaged.

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Betsy reading to (l/r) Gavin, Christian and Parker.

Caroline about to learn that some thing's may fall over on you.

Caroline caught destroying a roll of paper towels.

I demand a fair trial...!!

Pleased that she can duplicate and funny sound that her Granddaddy is making.

You not only sound funny, you look funny...!

I don't know whether these are carrots or sweet potatoes.  They taste the same when they come out of these little jars.

Angela and Parker. 

everyone helped decorate for the annual golf cart parade (which Betsy started in 1994).  Here are Parker, Christian and Gavin ready for the judging.

Happy Campers.

Busy decorating.  That is our Granddaughter, Heather, on the right.  She has just purchased her own home so it was nice to get her away from all the "fixing up".

Parker, Christian, Gavin, Angela and Bob Vance.  Christian is Bob's sister.

Son, John (Uncle John) and his serious fishing hat.  John recently joined the club and now has a nice boat in a wet slip.

Heather's squeeze, Adam, and a nice fish he caught.  You need to pull your pants up Adam.

Granddaughter, Jennifer, feeding Granddaughter, Caroline.


Decorating for the parade on Sunday.  l/r John, Christian (behind the wheel), Amy, Gavin, Betsy and out of the picture and behind the balloon on the right is Margaret.

Jennifer, David and Dan Dorfeld ready for the parade.  On the back are their guests, the Gilkinsons.

Give me the correct names Dan and I will update this frame.

Grandson, David (12), and his Dad, Dan Dorfeld.

The other clan members from across the swim area.  Rick Price and his daughter's (our nieces), Sarah and Laura.  The guy driving is my brother, Ed.

The Athens Boat Club "Chicks".

We hear that they are going to do a tap routine at Talent Night.


Here is Betsy and her crew already for the parade.  She didn't win anything this year but is a perennial winner.


Here is brother Ed and his crew ready to rumble.





Heather and Adam.

l/r Angela, Bob, Margaret, Rick, John, Cheryl, Elise and Steve.  Don't know who that is behind Margaret or on the left edge.

This is what happens to your screen house on the deck when you get home from the lake after some huge thunderstorms went through while you were away.

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