Heather's New House

May, 2004

Well.. how about that.  23 year old Heather went and bought a house.  She is planning on a wedding next year (lucky groom) and wanted to be all prepared.

She really did a great job of house hunting and wound up with a real winner.  Hugh yard by today's standards.  The house was in fairly good shape outside and had had a lot of work done there to get ready to sell.  The inside had all new carpet but everything else had to be completely refinished.  Heather has worked real hard (with help from others) to make the inside look almost new.  She has one room down near the garage that has a private bath and entrance and hopes to rent that out until the wedding.

I will add pictures of the bathrooms and the "rental" room and the garage (which Granddaddy completely refurbished) the next time I have my camera over there.

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A nice split level or a corner cul-de-sac lot with good neighbors on both sides.

A 3 level, large deck.  She already has a grill and swing ready to go.

The happy homemaker entertaining her grandparents for dinner.

Grandmamma, Betsy, and Heather from the dining area.

Living room from the stairway.

Living and dining area from the front door.

Living area to the front door from the dining area.

Dining area (kitchen on the right) from the living area.

Master (or is that Mistress) bedroom.  As you would imagine, lots of purple.

This bedroom is called "Heaven" since it has Heather's angel collection.

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