Heather Goes to College

Year 2 - August 2000



Mom just had to help load up.

Heather made this "decorator" mirror. It was the hit of the campus.

Had to put some of the stuff in Grandmomma's "Boat".

And more stuff for Grandmomma.

Even Grandmomma was hauling stuff out..!

The back seat of Heather's car.

Momma checking to see if Heather is going to be strong enough to unload in Statesboro.

One last hug from Mom before she goes.

Watson Hall. Home for the next 9 months.

Here goes the first load. We snared a couple of guys that happened to wander by.

Some stranger wants Heather to make her a mirror..!

We bumped into Heather's roommate, Katria, and she got us some dollies.

And we really loaded up.

It only took 2 trips with all the good help.

Look at the load Katria brought up.

And now look at the size of Heather's load.  She is destined for Management.

Now where am I going to put all this stuff..??

Heather and Grandmomma.  All worn out and just got started.