C U M M I N S  O F   C R A M A C

Christmas 1999

Heather, David and Jennifer putting clothes on the gingerbread people

John, Brian & Wanda practicing their gingerbread clothing skills

Gingerbread people fully clothed.
Note "GSU" coed

Betsy Entertains on Cheryl's player piano
Christmas Eve

Son Brian and wife Tammy

Betsy helping get
Christmas Eve dinner ready

Heather & Wanda with
Lynn & John Cowart, Jr.
Dorfeld neighbors

Host Dan Dorfeld
carving again.

Greeting Committee for late Christmas dinner arrivals

Wife, Wanda, admires son, John Jr.'s, "popper" crown

Heather and Grandmother, Betsy

Heather, John, Jr., Wanda & Jase

John, Jr. & wife, Wand
married 24 years
and nothing has changed

Granddaughter, Jennifer, & her favorite toy.

Grandson, Jase, stares down mother, Wanda

& Dad, John Jr.

Betsy showing son, Brian, her new cooking program
She needs some computer eye glasses
"who'd a ever thunk it"..!

Betsy's Amarylis bloomed in January