Helen and Marty Falb Visit

July, 2002

We had the pleasure recently of a visit from Betsy's cousin Helen (Meacham) and Marty Falb and their sons, Alex and Nate.   The Falbs live in Tallahassee where Dr. Falb is with the State of Florida and Helen teaches piano.  We have enjoyed their visits in recent years and really enjoy seeing their sons, Alex and Nate as they grow up.

Marty was trying to demonstrate and game called "buck buck how many fingers up" that he used to play at camp.   I would not attempt to describe how the game is played, you will have to talk to Marty for that information.

The Falbs were on their way to a camp near Blacksburg, Virginia where they will all enjoy a recreational time together.

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John Pickett, Sr.


Nate, Helen, Alex and Marty

Marty tries to get Nate to assume the "first" position"

Marty appeals to Helen for assistance.

Good example of "first position"  Normally the person in the "first position" is hugging a tree.

Nate can't believe his father would have played such a game.

Helen and Alex.