Easter 2003

Once again Betsy and John P., Sr. hosted a dinner for as many of the family as could make it.  As everyone gets older it is difficult to get everyone in one place at the same time.  These pictures were taken by Brian, Cheryl and Dan and are presented in no particular order.  There are a couple of pictures from Brian that were taken at his house.

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Son, Paul and his wife, Amy

Granddaughter Jennifer and friend

Daughter-in-law, Tammy.  Just another flower in the sun room.

Betsy showing David how to carve the ham.

Grandson, David, in his coy pose.

Son Paul and son-in-law, Dan.

Jennifer in her usual photo pose.

Daughter, Cheryl and David setting up the table.

Paul and Amy.

Cheryl taking a picture of her mother showing off flowers.

Pretty casual observation of the Easter Egg hunt.

Betsy and Cheryl and more flowers.

Betsy flowers.  If you can't have a real bunny a concrete one will do.

David getting ready to find the eggs.

Just like everything else these days it looks like these eggs came from China.

Cheryl taking a picture of her brother, Brian, who is taking her picture.. and on and on..!

Brian and Tammy's roses.

More of Brian and Tammy's flowers.

This and the next 4 pictures are from Brian and Tammy's house.





l/r - Paul, Amy, Tammy, Brian and Betsy.

l/r - Grandson, Jase, son, John, Jr., Dan and Cheryl.

l/r - Paul, Amy, Tammy, Brian and Betsy.

l\r - Jase, John, Jr., Dan and Cheryl.

Jennifer found an egg.

And so did David.

Happy grandmama and Jennifer.

Brian taking a picture of Cheryl taking a picture of Brian.. and on and on..!

Tammy and John, Jr. trying to recover from dinner.

David, Betsy and Cheryl in the Sun Room.

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