Daytona 2000

These are some early pictures from Daytona 2000 Bike Week.  A friend in Daytona has more pictures and they will be added later.


The home of Lloyd and Phyllis Stubblefield in Ponce Inlet.  A great place to spend "Bike Week".

John, Jr. sat by the pool early every morning talking on his cell phone.

Sugar Mill Gardens in Port Orange.  One of the places we visited with the family at Bike Week 1972.

Is this John, Jr. after a trip to the Boot Hill Saloon..?

No.. Just John, Jr. with some teeth he couldn't pass up.

Betsy all ready for the afternoon short track races.

Don't you know she loves all this stuff..?

For those who may be wondering..

This is the start of a dirt, flat track race.

John Jr, & Betsy waiting to be seated at Aunt Catfish's

John Pickett, Sr. and Jr. at the Boot Hill Saloon.  The young lady belonged to the fellow that took the picture (as did the bottle)

John having "Big Hog" envy.   The engine is a V-8 auto engine.  Note the custom rear fender.

John with a great looking bike from Germany at the "Rats Hole" Cusom Bike Show

An Indian Scout unrestored.  Had nothing to do with Bike Week but was stored in the parking garage where a friend's son lived.

The wedding just ended on the beach and the happy couple is leaving on their honeymoon.

Typical Arlen Ness creation.  This shot was taken on Beach Street which has become almost as big a trade show as the one at the Speedway.

Another Arlen Ness creation.

He is probably the premier extreme custom bike builder in the U.S. today.  As you can see, this is a fire engine motif.

Parked in front of a restaurant we ate in was this incredible, 1951 Vincent Black Shadow..!  Incredible.


A motorized bar stool..!

Smallest Chopper in the world.

Most powerful motorcycle in the world.  Turbo charged with nitrous oxide.


at the Custom Bike Show

Diesel Engine Cycle

Honey... they shrunk my Harley..!

  There may be more..!