Jennifer Dorfeld

Cheryl and Dan's daughter and our


Quilt Camp June, 2003

After Jennifer saw the quilt's that Betsy and Charlotte did last fall, she wanted to make a quilt also.  Betsy arranged for a "Quilting Camp Out" at our lake place at Lake Lanier.  Cheryl and Dan also have a place in the same compound.  David was away at scout camp so the girls got together to make a quilt.

Jennifer chose most of the material with grandmamma's help.  Betsy left enough to do at the lake so that Jennifer had to cut out squares, piece them together and then so them up on the sewing machine.  Jennifer also had to sew on several of the long borders after the piecing had been finished.  For 8 years old, Jennifer took to the sewing machine like a duck to water.

We took some other pictures at the lake but the prints have not made it to the webmaster's scanner.  As soon as we have the other pictures, we will include them in this album.

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John Pickett, Sr.

sm_SP6250105.jpg (2732 bytes)
Here is the finished quilt.  Instead of quilting, the finishing work was "tying".
sm_SP6250106.jpg (3450 bytes)
Cheryl, Jennifer and Betsy.

Jennifer concentrating on sewing up a long side.

Now we have her attention.

Jennifer and Granmama putting the top and bottom on.

More assembly.

And more.

Jennifer and mama (Cheryl) doing the quilting ties.

The finished product.

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