October 5, 2002 Visit

Our daughter, Charlotte Bates, came up from Statesboro with our grandson, Bill for the gathering of the clan to meet Gloria Dale Cummins.  Our daughter, Cheryl Dorfeld, came over from Alpharetta with our granddaughter, Jennifer, for the event and they all spent the night with us and part of the next day.  As usual, we really enjoyed seeing them and I know the 2 girls enjoyed sitting outside on the swing talking to their mama..!!

J.P., Sr.

Jennifer and Bill playing a duet.  (both take piano)

Charlotte cutting out quilt squares.  She and her Mom are going to a quilting retreat in north Georgia later this year.

Cheryl looking for coffee early on Sunday morning.

Here is the group sitting in the shade.  The dog belongs to the Dorfelds and is named Sam (Samantha).  She is about 12 or 13 years old and deaf.

All of the mamas and the grandmama have been finding trolls in various junk shops and the kids are really getting a collection.  This picture was requested by Jennifer and Bill as the "School Days" picture.

Bill got his first motorcycle ride on his granddaddy's Honda GoldWing.  We had to get the smallest helmet we could find and he will still be able to grow in to it.

Bill first got a short ride around the neighborhood to see if he really liked riding.  We put a bungee cord across the arm rests so he was pretty secure.

He really liked it (or so he said) so he went on a much longer ride.  It was a beautiful day so it turned out to be a fun activity.

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