Easter 2000

At Cramac Plantaion
you get a warm welcome
and send off..!
Betsy, Charlotte, Bill,
Cheryl, Chip and Dan

You have to have plenty
of parking space.
End of the Eqq Hunt...!
Cheryl(back), Paul, Brian,
Tammy, John, Chip, David
Heather(back), Betsy(back)

Betsy and her 5
Sons and Daughters
Is she happy or what..??
Charlotte, John, Betsy,
Paul, Cheryl, Brian

The 5 Cummins' Grandchildren
Bill(6), Heather(19), Jennifer(5)
David(8), Jase(17)

John, Brian and Jase


The John, Jr. Family
John, Wanda, Heather, jase

Paul and Amy
in May they became
Mr. and Mrs.

John and Wanda
Your guess is as good as ours
as to what is going on here...!

Jennifer, Bill and David

Bill, Jennifer and David
A lot of eating going on..!

Brian takes his first plate..!

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