Christmas 2000

These pictures were taken on Christmas Eve at the home of John Cummins, Jr.'s by Dan Dorfeld, Cheryl's husband.  John Pickett, Sr. missed the Christmas Eve festivities due to a back problem but was sitting up on Christmas Day.   There are a couple of pictures at the end that Dan took on Christmas day at Cramac Plantation.

Festivities on Christmas Eve included Ed and Maxine Cummins, their daughter, Elise Price and her family; husband Rick and daughters, Sarah and Laura.  We don't have any pictures of Elise and Rick or Ed.  In addition to John, Jr. and his wife Wanda; daughter Heather was home from college and brought her friend from high school, Tyler and son Jase was also there.  John's brother Brian and his wife Tammy were there also.  John's sister Cheryl was there with her children David and Jennifer and her husband Dan. 

Missing Christmas Eve were John Pickett, Sr. and John's brother, Paul and his wife Amy.

(click here to see Betsy's decorations at Cramac Plantation)

David and Cheryl.  Heather, Tyler, Sarah and Laura.

Heather: "Get My Good side"

Cheryl and Jennifer.

David.  When an 8 year old doesn't want his picture taken you take what you can get.

Christmas Eve dinner.

Jase, Heather and Tyler.  Jase is a Senior in high school this year.

John, Jr. doing his duty with Christmas Eve dinner.

Around the table; Jase, Heather, Tyler, Cheryl, Jennifer,Betsy, David, Brian and Tammy.

Gingerbread cookies.  A tradition. Cousins, Jennifer, Sarah, David, Heather and Laura.

Betsy, Jennifer, Sarah and David.

From the back, L/R around the circle: Maxine, Tyler, Wanda, Sarah and David's shoulder.

Christmas day at Cramac.  Cousins, David and Heather.

John Pickett, Sr.  a member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Assoc.).   His entire family chipped in and paid for him to ride on the EAA B-17 the next time it comes to Atlanta.  Betsy gave him the model to keep him reminded until then.

David and Dan Dorfeld

"Now David, I ALWAYS read the instructions first..!"

From John Pickett, Sr. and Betsy Cummins and all of their kith and kin:

"We hope that you all had as wonderful and joyous family Christmas as we all did....!"