Thanksgiving 2000

Found many of the Cummins clan back at Cramac Plantation.  Son Paul and his wife Amy were in Hattiesburg, MS visiting her family.   Grandson, Bill, daughter Charlotte and her husband, Chip, could not get up from Statesboro due to conflicting work schedules.  Betsy's mother did not make it this year although she is doing fine.  We missed them all.  We were joined by Dan Dorfeld's cousin (we think 2nd), Pat, who brought his violin and entertained us after dinner.  Pat is a student at Georgia Tech.

There is no particular order to these shots.   Click on the small picture to get "the big picture"..!

Pat serenading us after dinner.

Heather and Jase who is a senior in high school this year.

Cheryl Cutting the bread.

Wanda working on her "killer" fried okra.

John took over Dan's normal duty of carving the turkey.

Betsy getting stuff out of the oven.

Pat, Dan and Ed.  They just heard that dinner will be late.

Another shot of Wanda and Jase.

Brian and Tammy

Ed heaping it on.

Pat taking advantage of a free meal.

Grandson, David, putting up with the photog.

John, Wanda and Ed interrupted from more important pursuits.

Jase, Heather and John doing their duty.

David, Tammy and Jennifer paused for pictures.

Dan, Pat and Betsy.

Tradition has the men folks playing "HORSE" after dinner.  Ed, John and Pat.

John, Jase and Pat.

Dan, Pat and John.  Hope Dan didn't hurt anything here.

Pat, Heather and Jase.  The "young guns".

John relaxing after desert.

Granddaughter, Jennifer

Pat tuning up.

Just before the feeding.