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Betsy and John Pickett Cummins

50th Wedding Anniversary

September 10th 2005

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We really did get married on September 10th, 1955 at 5:30 p.m. CST which means that we had to wait at the party until 7:30 p.m. EDT until it was officially 50 years.  We are glad to report that we made it.

A grand celebration was the order of the day at the Oxford Mill Club house thanks to our daughter, Cheryl, and her husband Dan Dorfeld who are members there.   Invitations had been sent to folks that we really would like to have with us for such an occasion and we were really fortunate to have many of them join us.  Betsy's sister, Nancy McBride, and her daughter, Merle, and her husband, Mark Petiford, came from California to be with us.  Nancy's son (our nephew), Rob, came from Daytona Beach.   Also Betsy's cousin Matt Middlebrooks and his wife Irene came from Tampa along with her cousin Jennie and her husband, Bert Welsh, who came from Pennsylvania.

Also coming from out of town to be with us was Betsy's dear friend from Barrington, Illinois (now from Akron, OH), Marge and her husband, Frank Stuchel.   They were with another couple from Barrington who now live in Marietta, Beverly and Lee Web.  These ladies used to "run around" together when we lived in the Chicago area and billed themselves as "A Car Full of Nice Ladies".

A number of other of Betsy's relatives from the Atlanta area were also there including aunts, Maude Wilson, from Peachtree City and Ruby Meacham from Buckhead.   Also cousin Ann Spear and her husband, Bill, from Buckhead and Mary Pace and her husband Jim from Peachtree City..  Also from Peachtree City were cousin Ty Wilson and his wife Kelly.

John Pickett's nephew, Chuck Cummins, and his wife, Susan, and their two son's came from Lilburn.  Our niece, Elise, and her husband, Rick Price along with their two daughters where there from Buford.

All of our children and grandchildren were there.   Several members of the original wedding party were present including John Pickett's brother, Ed, (who was the Best Man) and his wife, Maxine, from Buford and Dr. John Stone (of Emory fame) who was one of the groomsmen came from Decatur.

Three slide shows were set up in different parts of the club house that ran continuously and showed the lives of Betsy and John Pickett from birth until the day before the event.  The first show covered birth through the wedding.  The second show covered the years of raising all five children.  The third show had pictures from the time we went to Chicago in 1983 until the present and included all of the grandchildren.

Betsy displayed her wedding anniversary quilt that she had made using pictures and artifacts (like her necklace and my bow tie) from the wedding along with the original wedding dress and the hat and skirt from her "going away" outfit.  John Pickett wore the original bow tie, suspenders and cummerbund and dressed exactly as he did in the wedding.

Everything turned out as we had hoped if not better and we just hope that everyone had half as good a time as we did.

Several people took pictures during the celebration and we will post them here as we receive them.  We have already received two sets and you can click HERE to view the albums.


Betsy and John Pickett


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