AD4S Basement Shack - 2006


For more than 10 years I had given thought to building a reasonable shack/office in my basement.  I was distracted by QRP, Motorcycle Touring, A Cottage at the Lake, taking up the tenor sax again and much more.

I finally decided last summer (2005) that I needed to get the job done and began by first building an electronic workshop in one corner of the area that I had selected for this project.  I finished that project just before Christmas 2005.

The week after Christmas I began framing the rest of the room.  Three of the four side required a box to cover duct work and waste water lines.  The interior walls that contacted dirt on the outside were all waterproofed from the inside even though the house is more than 20 years old and has never had a drop of water in the basement.

So I decided to make a chronological album of how this project was progressing.

Pickett, AD4S - January, 2006

August, 2005 - Electronic Workshop Done

January, 2006 - Room Framing is Complete

January, 2006 - Ceiling Ready to Cover

January, 2006 - Wall Insulation in and Sheet Rock Hung

February, 2006 - Sheet Rocking Finishing Complete

March, 2006 - Trim, Caulk, Paint, Lighting and Electrics Done

April, 2006 - Storage cabinet Done

March, 2007 - Almost Done

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