40 meter Rockmite resuscitated from 2001.

Having just finished building the EFHW attenna tuner I felt obligated to do something with it. It looked about the same size as my Rockmite 40 that I built around 2001 but had not used in many years. I had recently put the Rockmite in a Doug Hauff "Mitybox" so that looked like a nice, small station setup.

I set up in my back yard in the only place where I could get a little height on the far end of the antenna and the rest pretty much out in the open. Unfortunately there was no shade there.

I quickly used my "throw" bag to put a line over a limb about 20 feet up and hooked the antenna directly to the slick line where it attached to the "throw" bag and used the bag to put a little tension on the antenna which wound up about 15 feet off the ground.

The EFHW tuner tuned up immediately and after calling CQ a few times I worked a KC5 station in Arkansas. Between the lunch call and way to hot for me I packed up and went back inside.

It looks like I am ready for Field Day.

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Pickett, AD4S

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