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NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club

Run for the Kudzu 2000 


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The 2nd annual "Run for the Kudzu" was held on Saturday, October 7th at Lake Lanier just north of Atlanta.   The format of this event is similar to the "Run for the Trees".  Due to the distances that operators had to travel on the property, everyone was allowed to get to their venue and set up before the official start time.  The event ran for 2 hours and was followed by lunch and the awards were handed out.

Each award recipient also received a jar of Mrs. Annie Dukes' "Kudzu Blossom Jelly".  Mrs. Dukes is an 89 year old lady in Flowery Branch, Georgia and each year she makes this rare jelly during the 4 weeks beginning August 15th.  This is the only time of the year that the Kudzu vine has a bloom.  The blossom is a deep purple in color and the jelly tastes much like grape jelly but is said to have special medicinal benefits.

Unlike last year, the bands were in great shape.  Most operators worked the bands above 40 meters.  The California QSO party provided many contacts and several NoGaNaughts even worked some pretty good DX including Germany, Norway, Sweden and Hungary.

Many very nice door prizes were handed out.  These included a number of QRP kits, a NYE paddle, Turner Microphone, caps and more.

(Click on the small picture to see "The Big Picture")


The operators, left to right are:
Tom, K4TJD, Pickett, AD4S, 
Mike, KO4WX, Ted, W2ICV,
Jim, AD4J, Sam, AE4GX, 
Chuck, AF4PP, and Russ, AE4NY 

Pickett, AD4S operating
his K2 in the side yard 
of his lake cottage
He won the "First Contact"
and "Most Contacts" awards
Note the standard NoGa portable table

Mike, KO4WX grabbed a close picnic table. Mike won the "Most Unusual Antenna" award for the "toilet paper" rf choke dipole. Mike has an article in the Fall ARCI QQ on this antenna. 

Tom, K4TJD and his K2 won the "Best DX" award for his Budapest Hungary contact. 
Note the NoGaTable..!

Russ, AE4NY, staid under cover. Russ, a WW2 U.S. Army Air Force CW operator won the "Kudzu Special" award for having the most gear and not being able to make a contact no matter how hard he worked.

Except for the K2 and the Sierra, this is all of Russ's gear

Sam, AE4GX, found a natural table, borrowed a chair and went at it with his Index and STL vertical.

Chuck, AF4PP, looked like he was asleep when we came to his position..!

As we approached, we were convinced that Chuck was fast asleep..!

But NO..! Chuck had his headphones on, using his lap as the operating position he was busy making contacts..!

Jim, AD4J. His antenna is attached to an old dock pier that is out of the water due to the prolonged drought.

Jim won the "Lowest Weight Rig" award. He was in the running for the antenna award which his toilet paper choke antenna.
Note the NoGaTable..!

Chuck, AF4PP, gets to try out a K2 after the Kudzu Run is over. He liked it a lot..!!

NoGaNaughts doing what they do best.. EAT..!

and EAT....!!!

Tom, K4TJD is telling Sam, AE4GX..
"It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This..!"

Sample of the Awards..!

There really is such a thing as "Kudzu Jelly"..!

NoGa still has a good supply of PiGs (Power/Indicator Guards)..!