gotcha 2000

at the Shelby Hamfest

2nd annual motel operating

and dinner

The gotcha's are a loose band of licensed amateur radio operators who have some things in common.  "gotcha" is an acronym that really means something but you have to become a gotcha to find out what the requirements for membership are and what the acronym stands for.

(click on the small picture to get the "big" picture)

Official "gotcha" insignia. ________________    The Altoids tin in the picture at the right as a NoGa PiG in it.  Never leave home without it. >>>>>>

Standard "gotcha" equipment. Elecraft K2. but anything will do. This picture is on AD4S's workbench.  Note the neat position of the paddle.

Tom, K4TJD's RF noise generator. Used to align the K2 (or anything else that needs alignment) filters. Thanks to Tom, N0SS, for the circuit board and instructions.

Tom, K4TJD, trying to remember the complex menu system in the K2

Karl, K4GZZ, praying for a contact. This operating position really works.

Tom, K4TJD, Karl, K4GZZ, Paul, K4HCM. Tom and Paul were the K4GZZ OO's for this event.

Dualing K2's. These belong to Tom, K4TJD, and Pickett, AD4S. Obviously this picture was posed. No one could possibly operate like this.

Tom, K4TJD, demonstrates that he can't operate this way either. We never did figure out how to run both rigs on the same antenna.  The beer can was just a prop.

Tom, K4TJD, searching for a K2 case screw. (riiiggghhhttt)  That's the long wire counterpoise just in front of Tom. ______________ Check the long wire running out the door in the picture to the right......>>>> >>>>> It was up 60 feet in a tree.

Paul, K4HCM, Susan, AF4FO, Mike, K4HBI, Ade, W4ADE, Tom, K4TJD, Karl, K4GZZ. Mike is demonstrating how to generate RF by rubbing 2 wires together very fast.

Ade, W4ADE, Susan, AF4FO, Mike, K4HBI at the 2nd annual "gotcha" banquet.

Lenny, KG4CFP, Tom, K4TJD, Paul, K4HCM. Notice the peanut bucket on this end of the table is much lower in product.

Lenny, KG4CFP, Tom, K4TJD, Paul, K4HCM, Pickett, AD4S, Karl, K4GZZ, Dale, W4GCL, Ade, W4ADE, Susan, AF4FO. Mike, K4HBI, took the picture.

Karl, K4GZZ, Dale, W4GCL, Ade, W4ADE. Dale just bit into a bad peanut. Ade is demonstrating the New Jersey finisse peanut shelling technique.