GARS Ham Radio Demonstration

R. D. Head Elementary School, Lilburn, Georgia

November 15, 2000


Gars conducted an amateur radio demonstration for the Science Club at R. D. Head Elementary School in Lilburn on November 15th.  GARS President, David Adcock, KA4KKF, had been contacted by Mrs. Stevens who heads up this activity and David had put out a call in the GARZETTE for help.

Several GARS members resonded and they were joined by a husband of one of the teachers.  Joining David were GARS members,  Dan, KF4YSU, Pickett, AD4S and Paul, K4HCM and they were joined by Stan, WA4DYD, who's wife is a teacher there.

Students in grades K-5 were involved in this effort.  Only the older students actually participated in the radio demonstrations and morse code clinic.  The younger children did more crafts type work at their tables.  The older student rotated between the 4 main demonstration venues and had approximately 15 minutes at each site.

More than 100 students attended this activity and all of the demonstration sites were really crowded with energetic students.

The GARS members were amazed at the intense interest in all of the demonstrations.  All of the students wanted to send some CW, they all wanted to make a phone contact and they were all over the computer demonstration of satellite tracking since the International Space Station was being tracked.

An interesting note:  Stan, WA4DYD, had a framed set of pictures of the first space shuttle ham, Owen Garriot.  In the frame was an article on satellite communications by amateur radio operators that was written by former GARS member, Pete Shaw, K4LDR who now lives in Florida.

All of the GARS members agreed that this is one activity that every radio club should get involved in.  All of the teachers and parent assistants were most appreciative of the efforts that GARS went to in seeing that the demonstration was comprehensive and useful to this age group.

One of the interesting things occured during the demonstration.   Paul, K4HCM, made his 1st contact with a really great ham in Virginia.  The ham was a TV producer and produced the program on Bob Ballard's discovery of the Titanic.   In the process of talking to a number of the students, this ham revealed that he knew many famous personalities from his TV work including Arnold Schwartzenager.  The students were speechless.


Click on the small picture to get the "big" picture..!

David, KA4KKF, and Pickett, AD4S, reviewing demo with a parent.

Mrs. Stevens giving instructions to the students.

Paul, K4HCM, Dan, KF4YSU and students listening to the insstructions.

Stan, WA4DYD and his impressive satellite tracking demonstraction

Paul, K4HCM, just before the hordes decended on him.

Dan, KF4YSU, looking happy before the crowds got to him.

Pickett, AD4S, conducting a Morse Code clinic.  The students were really enthusiastic about CW.

Each student that was able to send his/her name with a straight key received this miniature QSL card.  We ran out of cards and all of the students that wanted to participate did not get to because of time constraints.

This table had an array of ARRL puclications and a Tune Tin 2 and an Elecraft K2 kit on display.

A shot of the table with the globes for looking up locations where QSL cards came from.

Assembling beans and noodles in to dots and dashes.

Another shot of the globe tables.

Another shot of the cafeteria with the Morse Code and Satellite demo stations in the back.