North Georgia QRP Club - NoGa Call Sign NQ4RP FYOB - 2001

February 3-4, 2001

NoGa participated in the AZScorpions 5th annual Freeze Your Buns Off  Field Day.  The operating venue chosen was Tom, K4TJD's patio since he never operates from this location and it was outside.  This was also the normal meeting day for NoGa so no preparations were done until that meeting was over.

A number of NoGaNaughts gathered at Tom's after lunch and set up the station and put up several antennae.  While some of the members enjoyed the activites and conversation, only 3 NoGanaughts actually made contacts.  It is always a challenge to work a CW contest with 3 or 4 other hams standing around chewing the fat, telling tall tales about their antennas and milliwatt contacts...  but it was great fun.

Our activites were pretty casual and we took several breaks to be sure we were keeping our health.  We were really pleased with all the stations worked since this event did not have the 35-45 wpm CW contest aggressors and were more than willing to repeat their exchange (several times in some cases).  This is a great way to get new CW contesters involved.

Everyone had a grand time and the steak dinner didn't hurt our feelings at all.  Jim, AD4J took several pictures at the beginning of the event and we will add these to this page when we get them.  The log for this event follows the pictures provided by NoGaNaught Jim, AD4J:

FYBO2001Horiz.JPG (47935 bytes)
Craig, NM4T, Dan, KN2Z and Tom, K4TJD watching Pickett, AD4S at the controls of the K2.   Dan is a new NoGa member and was so impressed with all the qrp activity, he bolted for his auto just after these pictures were taken and went down to HRO and bought a FT-817 and some other stuff.  He was with us to the end but he was taking the first part of the 2 week course on how to operate an FT-817.  Note the NoGaTable.
FYBO2001Vert.jpg (75657 bytes)
Pickett, AD4S is interpreting the FYOB rules for Craig, NM4T.  This is a Chicago coat on Pickett but it sure felt good in Georgia.