NoGa - North Georgia QRP Club


June 22-23

NoGa Field will be held at the home of NoGaNaught, Joe, W4JHR.   Joe's home sits on 12 acres with plenty of trees and shade for antennas and June in the south comfort.  The following pictures were taken on a dreary day in February so they don't do justice to the scenic area that we will be operating in.

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This is the restoom.  Actually it is Joe's house and the restroom is just inside the door on the deck to the left.

Back corner of the lot where AD4S will be operating.  All those trees will have leaves on them in June. That's Joe and Paul, K4HCM so you can see how tall those trees are.

Right side of the acreage.  Lots of trees along the fence line.

Looking toward the front road from the back of the lot.  More trees.

From the very back corner where AD4S will be operating.. Joe's home is in those trees.

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