North Georgia QRP Club

Field Day - 2001


click on the small picture to get the big picture..!

Jim, AD4J and Peter, K3ZM at the CW position.  2 K2's and a K1 were used at this position.

Tom, K4TJD and Joe, W4JHR, at the PSK31 position.  The equipment was a Toshiba Libretto and a PSK20.. great combo.

Dick, K2UFT, and Peter.

Joe, W4JHR and Dick, K2UFT.  The derrière may be Jim, AD4J.

Dan, KM2Z, makes his first FD phone contact on a K2.  Russ, AE4NY, certifies the results.

Rick, K4RAB, Tom, K4TJD and Pickett, AD4S, certify that Russ, AE4NY, has made a phone contact.

Russ, AE4NY, gets training on the K2 from Pickett, AD4S.  It didn't take long.

Finally made a contact... oh happy day..!

Jay, K4OGG at the CW position.

Jack, K5FSE, and Joe, W4JHR, at the PSK31 position.  Check out the Libretto..!!

Peter, K3ZM, rests his wrist at the phone position.

Tom, K4TJD, getting organized for another CW shift.

The Dick and Jim Show..!

Long shot of the CW position.

Jay and Rick watch Joe and Jack work a Delaware station on PSK31.  Boy did that get Pickett's juices flowing.  (he needs DE and WY for QRP WAS)

Another shot of the phone position Saturday afternoon.

Rick, K4RAB and Dick, K2UFT, making phone contacts on 6 meters on the back deck.  The rig was a MFJ transceiver.

Peter, K3ZM, trying his hand at phone.

Peter, K3ZM

Shot of the phone position.  The tent is Pickett's 35 year old Sears canvas and is still water proof.  It was made at the Fulton Bag (Mill) that just burned down last year.

Jack, K5FSE, Paul, K4HCM, Joe, W4JHR and Pickett, AD4S exchange "old ham" FD stories.

Pickett, AD4S, doing one of his favorite things.. working FD.  That's his FT-817 but the K2 worked so good we never got a chance to use the 817.

Let's see how 15 phone sounds. 

Pickett trying to work Delaware but no luck.

Peter, K3Zm

PSK31 Group

Rick, K4RAB, assembling his 6 meter beam.

Got another one..!!  Paul, Tom and Pickett.

Mike, KO4WX, pounding brass.  He also used his solar charged battery and K1 at this position.

Jack, K5FSE, gives Jay, K4OGG and live PSK31 demo..!

Dick, K2UFT.  It's a real education to watch this guy work a CW contest.  Dick was also good enough to pass our FD message on the Georgia CW Traffic net.

Another shot of the phone position and the museum quality antique tent.   That's Dan, KM2Z, making more contacts.

DickFromAbove.jpgWhat more can we say.  That's Mike, KO4WX's K1 in the metal cosmetic case to the left of the K2.