North Georgia QRP Club

Field Day - 2001


click on the small picture to get the big picture..!

PLPV antenna attached to the fence.

Dan, KM2Z, and his manpack setup. FT-817, outbacker, Z-11 on a backpacking frame.

Dan says this outfit is a real "chick magnet" when he hikes to the top of Stone Mountain.

MS & Phd.  "More of the Same Piled Higher and Deeper"

Major operating positions and antennae.  The tall pole is a Fair Radio mast.  It had several antennas attached including a 40 mtr. loop.

Better picture of the big antennas.

The yard was fenced in to keep the cows away from us.

They seemed very interested in the tree that was part of our antenna support system.

Where's the beef ?

Shot of the  station CW position.

Dan, KM2Z, brought enough stuff to build a couple of rigs.

Mike, KO4WX, helps Dan, KM2Z, change the antenna tuner on his manpak.

Mike, KO4WX, tests the manpak Bulldog Key.

Mike and Dan consider a commercial back support.

Manpak Bulldog Key installation.

40 meter rotatable dipole supplied by Paul, K4HCM.

HB 2 meter quad.  Can't remember who brought it.

6 meter yagi provided by Rick, K4RAB.

Russ, AE4NY, Dan, KM2Z, Dick, K2UFT and Jack, K5FSE trying to work a satellite.

Jack, Dick, Russ and Dan.  Note Russ's Foreign Legion Hat.

Never did make a contact although signals were heard on several birds.   Looks like Dan is trying to communicate without a microphone.

One of the batteries charged by solar power.

17 meter dipole made from 2 Hamsticks.  Not in FD but just checking the operation.  A number of contacts were made here.

Tom, K4TJD, Mike, KO4WX,  Peter, Dick, K2UFT, Jim, AD4J and Russ, AE4NY, wait for the start signal.

Once corner of the 40 meter loop.

Jim, AD4J, and his HB 440 quad.  The emergency support on the bottom is a twig.

Anyone ever hear of Rube Goldberg..?

Must be "Carnation" cows... (contented).

Shot of the beautiful operating location.

How's this for a dramatic FD shot.  We thought we were going to drown here but no rain ever fell.

Elsie..!  What is this funny wire hanging from this tree..??

Ferdinand..!  I think there may be romance waiting on the  other side of this fence..!!

The Long's farm house.  It was brick with a large "keeping room" and deck built on the back.

Bring on the chicks..!!