CW Mobile - 2009

It took me a long time to learn how to operate CW mobile (in motion) and once I did I didn't want to give it up when I changed my primary vehicle.

I don't have pictures of the installation in my 1994 Ford Escort Wagon but suffice it to say that car had a hand brake in between the two front seats and I just bolted an old Ten-Tec electronic keyer to the brake handle and off we went.

I recently acquired a 2007 Ford Explorer and had to figure out how to put a CW paddle in a convenient place.  The transceiver heads for both the VHF/UHF dual bander and the HF/6mtr rigs are where they were before sitting on a CD player stalk that is bolted under the passenger seat left front bolt.  This is the same as the previous installation.

My new configuration for the CW paddle is even better than before.  A number of years ago my good friend Russ, AE4NY, gave me a "Bulldog" paddle that had not been mounted on anything.  (they no longer sell just the paddle).  I had used it early on with my "Rockmite" 40 meter rig by just holding the paddle in my hand.

My solution to the paddle dilemma was to mount the "Bulldog" paddle on a small piece of wood and use a hose clamp to clamp it to the vertical shifter in the Explorer.  Everything was painted the appropriate black to match the gear shifter and a "pig tail" was made from heat shrink tubing and an inline 3 connector jack that is secured with a black tie wrap to the piece of wood.  It appears to me that this would work with any vertical shifter or horizontal hand brake since the "Bulldog" has a screw hole in both of those axis'.

None of this installation interferes with the function of the gear shift.  

And talk about the luck of the "Irish"..  lo and behold, when I went to test the installation, the paddle was hardwired correctly for the dits and dahs even though I didn't do any research ahead of time.

This paddle configuration allows me to rest my arm on the console between the seat and comfortably reach the paddle on the gear shift stalk.

The small speaker is for the VHF/UHF rig and the HF/6mtr rig audio is routed to the Explorer's aux input jack (intended for .mp3 players)

I was fortunate enough to find a grommet in the firewall that allowed me to run the power cord for the HF/6mtr rig directly to the battery without drilling any holes.

The first picture below shows the entire installation from the drivers side.  The second picture is a close up of the "Bulldog" paddle installation.

Pickett, AD4S

Lou, K9LU, at Bulldog Paddles ( tells me that he will sell just the paddle on special order.  9/02/09

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