W3HZZK2 #6720

On it's first field outing..!

August 25, 2009

New NoGaNaut (and long time ham) Phil, W3HZZ, and I took his newly born K2 out to Piedmont Park in Atlanta to introduce it to the wonderful world of operating QRP in the field.  Phil only lives a block from this wonderful facility and we did what good QRP operators should do and we just walked there carrying our stations.

We shot a W3EDP antenna about 60 feet up in a giant oak tree and everything worked like a champ (I won't go into the lost sinker, broken fishing line and broken tag line).  We had to tie a string to a tree near the walkway to keep folks coming by from being garroted.  We sat in the shade on a park bench and had a grand time.

We had quite a few visitors come by and ask what we were doing.  These visitors included a Park Employee who approved of what we were doing a told us to have a good time.  We also had one of the bums that camp out there during the day (we have no idea what goes on during the night) come by and point out that there were two bees nests in the tree that we had put the antenna in.  He walked away briefly and then came back and wanted to know if we could give him $4.00 for lunch (ostensibly for telling us about the bees).  We had to decline his request since we both had spent all of our money on ham gear.

Our best DX was Fremont, NH and Phil made that contact..!

Pickett, AD4S

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