The Ultimate Tower Tool

a "TerraMite"

These pictures were taken during the disassembly of an EZ-WAY RBX-60-A Tower at the home of Paul, K4UJ.  EZ-Way is no longer in business but this is a 60 foot (not counting a mast) crank up, fold over tower that is self supporting.   Paul also took some pictures that we will add to this page when we get them. 

Unfortunately, we only took pictures in the latter stages of disassembly.  Getting the tower section off the top of the base was something to behold.

In the near future, this tower will support the antennae of Pickett, AD4S.  Assisting were Pickett's son, John, his grandson, Jase, Tom, K4TJD and of course Paul, K4UJ.

Dragging the base section on
a furniture dolly.
L to R - Jase and Paul, K4UJ
holding down the front of the
Tmite. John driving and
Tom, K4TJD is directing.

John, Jase and Tom, K4TJD,
who is testing the wigglability
of the tower base

Paul, K4UJ, and Jase
holding the front end
of the Tmite down.
John was our Tmite driver.

John was able to nudge the base
back and forth and ultimately
was able to hook the bucket
under one of the fins and
pull the base out of the hole

The "TerraMite" turned out to be the ultimate tower tool.  It was used to lift the tower section off the base and pull it on a furniture dolly to the truck.  It was also used (the original intent) to dig the base out of the ground and drag it on a dolly to the truck.  It was used to collapse the almost fully extended tower back into its shortest configuration for transporting and it was used to lift one end of the tower and later the base while lifting the other end with the lift gate on the 26' moving van.  It was then used to cover up the hole and neat up the yard.

Probably the best use of the TerraMite was the fact that no one had to pick up anything really heavy.  Something similar will be used to install the tower at it's new location.